Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thanks, I'll take it

{Photo by Absolutely Beautiful Things}

On my way back from lunch today, my new boss commented that I looked "very South of France." I'm wearing a black pencil skirt/black tee combo topped off with dark sunglasses and black flats. It was especially nice considering the rather intense heat situation happening outside and that I was on my way back in from a lusciously sweaty run. Such a lovely compliment and I appreciated it very much.

{Photo by kate spade}

Additionally, I have decided to announce publicly (mainly to hold myself accountable to someone) that I am working on a project. A writing project, to be specific. I have discovered over the last few years that I'm exceptionally gifted at setting good and creative goals for myself, goals that help me learn and grow. I am exceptionally less gifted at the day-to-day discipline needed to achieve said goals. Especially with creative ventures; it's one thing to set aside an hour each day and go running, it's a completely different beast to commit to writing 2 pages a day. 'Tis harder, in my opinion, as you can't schedule the surfing of creative brain waves. (Or at least I can't.) But to me, nothing is more fulfilling than writing a page and then looking back and realizing that moments (or hours, depending on the current level of writer's block) ago, that little piece of action simply didn’t exist. It’s such a great feeling.

So there ya have it. I'm writing something. That's my summer goal. Next summer’s goal is to get to the South of France.

What are your goals? Please do share, it'll be fun.


Steve said...

I really like your writing goal which will bring you satisfaction and success. Keep up the great work.

My writing goal, at the present is to pare my project to the perfect proportions (enough already). Seriously, you know what I'm working on and where I stand. My goal is to finish.

Mari said...

Huzzah's for your writing project! Best of luck writing. My goal is to take a letterpress class in San Francisco this summer.

Emily said...

So great! What interesting and varied goals. Thanks for sharing!