Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today is so much better

Last night I got an astounding 10 hours of sleep. After some seriously frustrating sleepless nights and innumberable Diet Cokes, I feel human and oh so happy again.

I'll admit that it wasn't an unaided sleep - yesterday while playing with the puppy I got at least 23984718573249857 mosquito bites and took a Benadryl to combat the itchiness. The Benadryl curbed the itchiness and swiftly sent me to the Land of Nod, where even Tulip's precious little voice could not reach.

I am really looking forward to this evening. I'm off the Botanical Gardens this evening with a new friend and luckily will not be yawning into the flora. Yay! And it's Thursday, with only one more day until the glorious weekend!
UPDATE: Ummmm, apparently I'm not that well rested....because it's 4:40pm and I just now realized that my tshirt is on BACKWARDS. All day long I sort of felt like I being choked by my collar and now I know why. It's a black crewneck tee, so I don't think any of my coworkers noticed. Until I told them, while we all giggled. Slightly embarrassing but pretty funny.

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Steve said...

Ah, to sleep and to dream. I now am fully appreciative that all my work shirts have collars (and/or buttons).