Friday, May 29, 2009

Life is just Ducky: A Vacation by the Numbers

Total meals eaten at McDonald's:  6
Hours spent driving:  36
Chocolate chip Blizzards from DQ: 3 
Devastating car accidents seen:  6
Car fires seen:  1
Nights spent in a slasher-movie-worthy motel in a little town in Georgia: 1 

{Photo by Caroline Welty}
Bikinis worn:  4
Bottles of sunscreen gone through:  5
New pairs of flipflops worn:  2
Crabs caught during the midnight crabbing adventure: 100+
Times we played midnight Ultimate Crab Fighting: at least 20
Times I screamed and moved:  at least 19
Nighttime ocean swims: 2
Times I lost my bikini top: 3
NBA Playoff games watched: 4
Bon Jovi songs sung at karaoke: 1
Hours spent in the hot tub:  more than I spent out of the hot tub
People at church on Sunday morning:  600
Hymns sung that sounded as though sung by choirs of angels: 3
Dance parties shut down by the police:  2
Cute boys met:  it seemed like the Army of Helaman and the Stripling Warriors were at the beach  
Seeing old friends, making new friends, sunning on the beach and having a blast??  PRICELESS!

{Photo by Me.  See my lil' footprint?}


Rustino Scar said...

number of m&m's Rustin consumed? innumerable. Seriously, I think I ate soooo much food during that trip it was unbelievable. But grrrrreat times were had! I'm glad that you weren' involved in those car accidents, horror film scenes, or car fires.

Emily said...

Amazing displays of neon-ness? Innumerable as well!!! What a fantastic week we all had!

Steve said...

Sounds like you had a bit of fun on the beach. I am glad that it turned out so well. Your numbers are very funny and bring your vacay to life for moi.