Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh Nuggles! Please do not perish!


P.S. Tulip not only survived, but seems to have thrived during her stay at McVet’s. No surgery will keep her down! She was treated to much TLC from her grandpa E, who checked on her every single day. Such devotion! Tulip has not only recovered miraculously swiftly from her operation, but she has also grown a foot, resumed her charming habit of eeaaaarly morning wake-ups, and adopted perfect personal deportment.

P.P.S. That last part, about personal deportment, is a complete lie. The others are true, so I thought perhaps deportment might rub off in the mix. Last night she barked at my face for twenty minutes while I ate dinner. It was awesome. On my list of things to do today: call the dog trainer……

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