Saturday, May 9, 2009


Up in the northern parts, someone is having a birthday today.  He's faster than KipK, cooler than Jack Nicholson, plays like Tiger, and is the best Daddio in the whole wide world.  He taught me how to play basketball, soccer and softball and how to drive a car.  He taught me how to enjoy action movies and sports.  He braided my hair when I was little and cried when he bore his testimony to me.  He will put his arms around me and tell me he loves me and makes me feel like the most loved daughter in the world.  My Dad, in every way in the world, is brilliant.  He loves, he dreams, he sings and plays the piano and guitar, and along with my Mom, created our magical family.  

Daddy, I love you so much.  Happy Birthday!!!

{This picture is from 2006.  We need more pictures of us!}

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Steve said...

What a great picture and memory of a great day in the life. Thank you for your birthday note and the compliments. You are a superstar.