Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're the lucky ones

On the eve of your birth, (which happened before Jessica and I became yours)
The world didn’t know what it was getting.
It was getting a beautiful baby girl
Full of spirit and creativity and LOVE.

This little girl with big brown eyes
Grew up to be a smart and funny and talented young woman
Who got married in the temple
For time and all eternity.

She had first one daughter,
Then another,
And together her family
Traveled the country and the world.

She taught her girls how to read and how to write.
She taught them their colors and how to paint pictures.
She taught them how to love life and love one another.
She taught them to travel far and wide in pursuit of their dreams.

And here we are, your girls, living far away
And pursuing those dreams,
But all the time knowing that you are only
A phone call
A car trip
A plane ride
A heartbeat away.

I love you, Mom!!!

Happy Birthday eve!


Mari said...

You are far, far to kind--thank you!!!

Steve said...

Wonderful poem about a wonderful woman. I think you might think about doing a little writing (where have I heard that before? . . . is there an echo in here? . . .)

Sarie said...

This was beautiful. I hope my daughters can one day say the same for me...

Emily said...

Thank you! I love my mom so much and she is an amazing woman.