Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Jessica,

I know you will be thrilled by this - the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer just hit the web today (it’s amazing!!) and the release date is JULY 15!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Not November).

Aren’t you just thrilled????!!!!!

Will you please be my date?

I love ya.

Your Sister and Harry Potter fan extraordinaire


Mari said...

I can't wait for the answer to that one! :)

Pompeii Purple said...

Dear Emily,

You know I simply LOVE a good Harry Potter movie (and I hope you realize the complete and utter contradiction of that sentence). But I did find your post personally exciting. Know why? Check the date and think of who else you could have as a date to the movie due to the specific timing of the release. Ah, so serendipitous!

Your Sistah

Emily said...

July 15??? I don't know?

Emily said...

Ah yes, I see your hope Jess! But rest assured that we will be going to see the movie before we leave on our journey west Friday morning! YAY!!!!

Steve said...

The movie will be grand and I look forward to seeing it. Mayhaps we shall see it as an extended family. I hope it's as good as Transformers.