Monday, April 6, 2009

Thanks for having your birthday, it was fantastic!

This weekend was one of the best ever.

Friday night was the neon, 80s roller-skating extravagaaaaanza! It was incredible, and thank you to everyone who came out, decked out in their finest and rocking the most amazing moves ever seen on skates. Taylor, Andrew and Ratchet - you guys are incredible! I rocked out with an outfit that consisted of purple leggings, neon green hot booty shorts, a hot pink tee and a giant side pony. Fantastic. We all enjoyed pizza, daiquiris (flavors ranged from Bellini to Crawgator to Strawberry Banana) and the biggest, Oreo-ist ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Saturday we slept in for hours and hours, and then were back at it with a most decadent brunch at one of our new favorites, Restaurant Patois. It was amazing! Ponchatoula Strawberry stuffed french toast with sides of hash brown and bacon. The whole thing was topped off with a cute orange candle for Miss J.

She loved it all, and nothing could make me happier.

Sunday night, we put one of her gifts to use {an ice cream maker!!!!! SO EXCITING!} and whipped up a batch of blackberry sorbet.

Happy Birthday, Jessica!!! It was wonderful, start to finish!

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Mari said...

Hooray for happy birthday weekends!