Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I can't wait for tomorrow to kick off the festivities

'Twas the night before J’s birthday
and all through the town
People were conspiring
Uptown and down

On how best to celebrate
Our most favorite girl
A dinner, perhaps? Bayona?
With our favorite Ann and Earl?

Or maybe a party
With neon aglow?
We'll whirl ‘round the rink,
(She loves that, you know!)

Or even, at a lovely new favorite,
A decadent brunch,
Followed by the kindest gift of all,
A snausage donated from the munch!

Why not do it all
And shower the one
Who day-in and day-out
Is a constant source of fun

With love and excitement
We’ve plotted and schemed
On how to make this year’s birthday
The stuff of dreams.

{Image by Elsa Mora}


Mari said...

What an amazing tribute to J's birthday!!! And the image is darling too!

Steve said...

You have a wonderful gift and the poem is such a great creation for your sister. Very Cool.