Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IAC you say?

For the last few years, I had a favorite building in New York. (I mean, apart from the Chrysler Building, which will always be my classic favorite favorite. My first love.) This building was different, it was new, it shimmered in the day and glistened in the night. It was on the West Side, near the highway. It looked like it was made of sugar-spun milk glass. I had no idea what it was.

Today I have learned what it is. It is the IAC building, the first office building in New York built by the one and only Frank Gehry. (It's a bit embarrassing to me that I didn't know this before, but oh well. Now I know!)

Go here to see and learn about this beautiful building. And if you're in New York, take a stroll on over to the West Side, you'll love it.


Steve said...

That building is super cool. I hope that when we are all in New York City the next time, we can drive by it (and stop and have our picture taken even . . .).

Steve said...

I love the picture of this unique building. The next time I or any group of us is in NYC, I plan on going to see it.