Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last night: an evening of leisure

Justin's in Wyoming, it was hot outside and I was tired. So I planned a lovely evening of indoor activities.

The night actually started a quite-non-leisurely errand, but I dispatched with that fairly quickly and scuttled home to my cozy gray bathrobe and air conditioner. I curled up on our faaaaabulous new couch and put in a DVD, Charlie Wilson's War.

The movie was really good! Engaging, brisk, funny and moving. I didn't realize until the credit rolled that the script was by Aaron Sorkin, and no wonder. It crackles, snaps and pops. And is so interesting. I didn't know anything about Charlie's story, and this is why I love learning about history. History is pieces to a puzzle, and this jig fits in well with the other things I know about the Middle East. Then I moved on to Calendar Girls. OK. This movie was so great! And I'm seriously wanting to visit Yorkshire now--it is so beautiful. This movie is based on the true story of a group of women who decide to create a calendar to sell to raise money to donate to the cancer hospital that treated one of the ladies' husbands. (Who so sadly, dies.) The women decide to not do a calendar of the usual flowers, pies and chapels that so often are featured in calendars. They decide to pose nude. (Not naked, nude. What is the difference, you ask? Art, they reply.) Helen Mirren and Julie Walters lead the cast in a funny and touching romp about love, grief, change and growth. I heartily recommend.

I also decided, mid-way through the night, that I needed to work out. So as the ladies of Yorkshire are doffing their pants, I'm pumping iron (ok, 2 lb. dumbbells) and doing jacks and lunges and crunches and all manner of sweat-inducing activies. Very fun way to workout too. Movie and a sweat.
But. The pièce de résistance came at 11:00 when I decided I needed a little snackeral. So I did what any ingenius girl would do. I got out my Cuisinart and whipped up some homemade hummus. Wow. Do you hear me? WOW. I even impressed myself. It's really tasty. So if you're not doing anything tomorrow, please stop by. I have a spare robe, plenty of room on the couch, Disc 1 of the Planet Earth series, a bowlful of hummus and a whole lot of veggies.


j43026 said...

You are too cute. I actually had hummus last night as well and commented to dear Daddio what a great snack it would be to take to work. Hummus recipe please! I was going to make it from a mix, but yours sounds way more delish!

j43026 said...

Having made your homemade hummus last night from scratch, per your recipe, I officially declare it delicious, and you and I domestic goddesses. As a queen I can declare these things on people. Sort of like how the Queen of England can knight people. Except I would way rather be a domestic goddess than a knight, did you see the funny get-up William had to wear to his knighting? Domesticity is far superior to feather caps and mirabou trimmed tunics :)

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

Love Calendar Girls!! Adorable movie. One for the ladies to appreciate. I should tell my mom to watch it.