Monday, June 23, 2008

Best weekend ever

Well, Ladies and Gents, I've got a lot to report today. I had one of the very best weekends ever. I mean, after the getting engaged weekend. And after Jessica graduating from college weekend. And me graduating from college. And actually, any weekend I get to spend with my family or with Justing (or both!). Ok, so actually, you could say that almost every weekend I have is the best weekend ever. Wow. I'm a lucky girl!

What I'm trying to say is that I had a really wonderful weekend. Justin was in Las Vegas, having his manly equivalent of best weekend ever, so I planned a totally girly few days.

Friday day, I had my 2nd to last wedding gown fitting, and I'm so happy with the way it has turned out. Finally! It was stressful during the process but I think the dress is now really, really beautiful. My sweet tailor, Theresa, who doesn't speak English AT ALL managed to tell me how much she "lobed de dress" and that "eet es de most beautiful one I'be eber done." It was very sweet. And I love the dress.

After the fitting, I scooted downtown to have a wedding hair and makeup trial at Blow NYC. Lots of fun, and my stylist, Nancy, did a really wonderful job. Then I had my makeup done, and feeling a bit silly in full hair and makeup and JEANS (because I was running horribly late) I headed up to the theatre district to meet my friend Liz.

About a month ago, I saw ads starting to pop up for "Top Girls", a play by Caryl Churchill. She is my favorite playwright and Top Girls is my very favorite of her plays, and all-time #1 favorite. So I called up Liz and asked (BEGGED) her to go with me. What a treat.

The play was amazing. The reviews are glowing. And I implore each of you to go see it. If you are a woman, or have ever worked in an office, or disliked your job, or liked your job, or not understood a relationship, or stayed at home, or considered staying home, or wanted a child or didn't want a child, you need to see this play. It will make you think and stretch your heart. It is marvelous.

Saturday, my darling bridesmaids threw me a bridal shower! It was simply delightful. We had a tea party with real rosebud china, mint creamcheese tea sandwiches, prosciutto and cheese, pink lemonade, passionfruit herbal tea, all topped off with Ellie's homemade lemon sorbet (unbelievable) and my very favorite cupcakes, pink vanilla, from the wonderful Buttercup Bake Shop. The afternoon was divine. We laughed, played games, shared advice, impersonated Tim Gunn and the Project Runway crew, and just loved each other. Girls, you are the best and thank you so very much!!!!

Saturday night topped off with Liz sleeping over. A superfun girly slumber party, complete with ice cream, banana chips, Charlie's Angels and Mulan. So great. I treated her to scrambled eggs and bacon the next morning. Thanks again, Lizzie!

Sunday night, Justin came home. Itwas the icing on top of the (pink) cupcake. We were so happy to see each other. And only 2.5 weeks to go until the wedding! Hooray!

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