Friday, March 27, 2009

"It made a waffle of my bottom"

Thus said Tennesee Williams of the giant wicker chair he was forced to sit in during the Drama Desk Awards (I didn't catch the date, but sometime in the 60's?)

Last night's Opening Gala of the Tennessee Williams Festival was wonderful. Joyful from beginning to end. The anecdotes, the memories, the laughter, Zoe Caldwell's mischevious face...this is what I love. It felt so good to simply be in a theater again, feeling pieces of myself wake up from a long, long slumber. It was wonderful to feel that joy.

E & A, thank you again so much!

(Note to self, must get James Grissom's book on TW when it comes out)

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Earl said...

Emily, you share my love of live theatre! There is nothing more magical than great actors on stage speaking great dialogue. I'm so happy that you and J joined us.