Friday, March 20, 2009

I am unhealthily attached to my computer right now

I don't know what little {blue} devil gets in me during March Madness, but I just love it. Like a magpie to shiny things, this tournament draws me in every year. Here it sit, blissfully watching refresh itself and deliver its scores to me. I only wish I was at home watching the games myself, but tonight and tomorrow, it's game time. How are you doing with your bracket?


ap said...

cool blog.
my bracket is like when you're driving down a highway and miss the exit you were looking for. so far everything still looks right, but i get the feeling memphis is going to let me down.

Emily said...

Thanks for reading! I know how you many of these games have been nailbiters. It's what keeps it exciting though! Good luck on your bracket (even though secretly I hope Memphis loses)!