Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A sigh of satisfaction

Today began bright and early at 5:45. Armed with an amaaazing blowout (thank you for making this a great hair day!) and my trusty black suit, I zoomed into the office at 7:15. Today was the day - the culmination of two months of planning and organizing. I can't divulge too much detail, so let's just say it involved a really famous person, Secret Service and a bomb dog. (Whose name is Madison and is so, so cute. And in high demand - just this weekend, she sniffed for the SuperBowl.) The event is all finished, and everyone has departed safely. I had a lot of help, but this was my project. And everyone has said what a wonderful job I did. I am a very, very happy girl.


Mari said...

Congratulations, happy girl!

Steve said...

You are quite something amazing and wonderful. Great job, well done!