Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Puppies like to wake up early. Me? Not so much.

My friend Chris once told me that since she had her baby boy four years ago (can't believe D is four!!), she no longer has any need for an alarm clock. I think I'm starting to understand what she means.

Along with standing up straight, my new year's resolution was to become more of a morning person. And by more of a morning person, I meant, like, not hitting the snooze button 3 times and not rushing to get to work on time.


If only. Tulip chirps every hour, on the hour, it seems, to please be let outside to do her ladylike business. She also wakes up at about 5:45 in the morning. And won't go back to sleep. Which means that I (because I have a very hard time hearing her in the middle of the night, quite mysterious) take her for her morning walk when she gets up while Jessica snoozes to make up for lost time during the night.

There are countless bonuses to getting up and outside in the morning. I'm teaching Tulip to run on the leash and she is the pefect running buddy (meaning, she likes to stop and rest about as often as my knee wants to). I've seen the sunrise two days in a row. I know what the weather is like, so can plan my outfits more accurately. And 5:45 is nearly three hours before I need to be at work, so I have plenty of time to not only walk the pup for almost an hour, but straighten my hair without rushing and drink my protein shake at a leisurely pace. I also go to bed much earlier now (because I'm tired much, much earlier), and manage put down the book (something I was never able to do before).

Except, sometimes, in the afternoon, maybe around 3:15 (meaning right now) I start to get a little sleepy. Think my boss would notice if I took a little puppy nap under my desk??

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Steve said...

You are very funny. I can see you and Tulip on your early morning runs.