Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Monday

Hello all! Did everyone has a wonderful weekend? We did, down here in the balmy tropics. The weather this weekend was pretty magical - 75, sunny, not humid. Perfect driving-in-the-car-with-the-windows-down weather. I forget what I did Friday night...most alternated between reading the weekly mags and organizing/packing things to move. Saturday morning we met our aunt + uncle + cousins after L's tour of Tulane and swept them over to Sucre for gelato and giggles. It's always so nice to see family! After dropping them off downtown for French Quarter adventures, we began an adventure all our own, entitled, "Where to find lunch when you're starving and there's an hour wait everywhere." Ahh Mardi Gras (the first parade rolled Saturday night). We ended up logging a fair bit of the afore-mentioned window down driving, and ended up with Po'boys and cheese fries, a very nice treat at the end of a lengthy scavenger hunt. After that, we powered through Target and Lowe's for odds and ends for the apartment. The things large (like closets) and small (like striped bins for the bathroom that perfectly match the shower curtain) that will make our apartment just right.

Then we showered and gussied and tarted up for a fancy-schmancy art museum party. Loved the exhibit, a series of portraits of jazz greats by Frederick Brown.

Sunday morning, we met the fam for church (so fun having family to sit with!) and then we started the haul, which mainly consisted of our laundry because one of my favorite features of the new house is that the laundry is FREE!!!! We started running the laundry during the hauls, and we managed to get several loads over to the apartment and through the wash. (Except we forgot one critical part - which was that by washing all our towels and leaving them at the new house, we had nothing to use to dry off after our Monday morning showers. Yes, this was an awesomely fun realization to have last night at 11:30PM. We made do with paper towels and hair shammys. Go ahead, laugh, it's funny.) The weekend was finished off with Mexican food and Oreos and the Grammys, where we cheered on Jennifer Hudson, loved Justin Timberlake's impromptu performance, thought Kanye and Estelle were glitteriffic and were concerned for Rihanna.

{Photo by Mademoiselle Molly Fryxell's Flickr album}
I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!


Steve said...

What a great story. Sounds like you made it all happen in all the best ways. I think I want a Po'Boy, right now.

Mari said...

What a great weekend! Love driving with the windows down.