Thursday, October 29, 2009


I ate lunch on the porch today {in the smothering humidity} while Tulip whirled around the yard in a black blur. As I took a bite of my croissant sandwich {major yum} I noticed she was eating something as well. Grass? Nope. A stick? Nope. A....frog? DING DING DING.


And then she got the hiccups, which totally made the 8-year-old in me think that the little froggie was hip-hoppiting around in her tummy. {Which I kind of think serves her right!}


Steve said...

So Tulipe is a frogaterian. Frogs are good. Toads are a problem.

Steve said...

MAYbe, Tulipe wanted a taste of French cuisine and chose frogs legs as her first French food.

Mari said...

She is trying to find her prince!

Steve said...

And, perhaps Tulipe has some French running through her veins and wanted some frog's legs (taste like chicken . . )