Wednesday, September 30, 2009

{am I so busy that I can't get pictures anymore? apparently}

Today has been full of loveliness. The weather is vaguely crisp, it's cooler than it's been in weeks and it almost maybe awesomely makes me think that fall has fallen. I just love fall.

A great something I've been obsessing over for weeks literally fell into my lap today. This is why overthinking and obsessing pays off! Because when the opportunity presented itself, I was able to articulate my ideas and {just maybe} move my personal agenda forward a step. Major hooraying is happening in my head.

Someone that {I thought} had forgotten about me suddenly resurfaced, and another opportunity has come from it.

Someone cut down one of my ideas this afternoon, one that I'm so excited about. She deflated me a bit, but it also reminded me why I am so determined to make it happen.

And of course, someone is getting married in 4 days, and I am just beyond thrilled.

Ok, must go back to reading my econ book. I forgot how long it takes to read textbooks...

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