Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been up to this and that...Jessica and I spoke in church on Sunday, which is always exciting. Made tripley exciting by the fact that here in our branch, they only have two speakers, not three, which lengthens the amount of time said speakers get to speak. I've never been that 20 minute, anchor speaker before. Now I can say I've done it! We were very lucky in that 1) someone got confirmed, taking a nice amount of time and 2) a whole cruise ship of people was visiting which meant that passing the sacrament took really long. Jessica's talk was wonderful and she said mine was wonderful too so we feel good about that. Went to a few movies over the long weekend, talked about doing yoga (and talking about it is nearly the same as actually doing it) and practically froze to death because of the cold snap down here. I know, I know, in New York and DC and Ohio it's actually very cold, but it's really cold down here too. I think Jess told me it was 34 degrees here this morning. Which, when you left your winter parka at home because "it never really gets that cold in NOLA" is cold. Thank you to A and E who are lending us some winter warmth - we really appreciate it!

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