Monday, January 26, 2009

Drill Baby Drill

I started this Monday morning in the dentist's chair, staring up into the big light, trying to ignore the water squirting, teeth munching, drill action that was happening in my mouth. I imagined I was in Italy, walking along the lake. I mentally redecorated our apartment. I remembered how much I liked my dentist in New York, except for the fact that the filling he put in a year and half ago wasn't very good and now I was having to have it replaced. I think I like my new dentist better. Plus, he's really cute. Now I'm back at work, feeling like a numkin because the entire right side of my face feels pouffy and funny. I'll be slurping soup for lunch and hopefully soon I'll be feeling good as new!


Mari said...

You had a filling replaced form one and a half years ago? I would stay far, far (far) away from that dentist.
So glad you got it taken care of!

Leslie Terry said...

I love that you posted your dentist experience :) So funny!!! You sound happy... are you??? Hope all is well and that 2009 has been a good one so far :)

Emily said...

Hi Leslie! Yes, I'm great. Things are really coming together, and I'm working hard to keep the forward motion! Welcome back!!