Friday, January 23, 2009

Feats of culinary prowess

Last night (before the creeper Grey's incident) Jessica and I made dinners. Two dinners, to be precise. She made hers and I made mine. It was very exciting for two girls who generally subsist on pots of chili or protein shakes. I made barbeque chicken (with my magical barbeque sauce from Texas) and cheddar jalapeno cornbread with farm fresh sweet butter (which I washed down with organic chocolate milk). Jessica made orzo with feta, tomatos and green onions, topped by honey/red wine vinaigrette. Both were scrumptious. We also had the pleasure of wandering Whole Foods prior to cooking, which is always fun. I had a chunk of the cornbread for breakfast and it's still completely delicious. Everyone is invited tonight for a feast of leftovers!

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