Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wait - what?

How did this happen? Christmas is two weeks from....tomorrow? How is this possible? I am not ready! I haven't decorated. I haven't shopped. I haven't eaten Christmas cookies. I haven't sung any Christmas carols. I haven't felt enough Christmas spirit yet.

Unfortunately, I have about 4652938475293 non-Christmassy things to do before I can even think about being merry!

Perhaps I should write my to do lists in green and cross them off in red. That would make it more festive!

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KipKGolfmeister said...

How did you get the photograph of me putting up lights last year? Weren't you still in New York? I AM Snoopy (but, then, you knew that).
With this smile enducing blogette, you now have only 4652938475292 non Christmassy things to do before Christmas. Have a great snowy day in the south.