Thursday, December 11, 2008

A snowfall extravaganza

A baby palm with snow. So pretty.

A palmy, snowy walkway.

Palms at the zoo. I hope the giraffes are staying warm!

Entrance to the park.

Audubon Park.

Snowy trees.

The palm outside our front door!

Snowy rotunda.

Streetcar in the snow.

Streetcar getting closer.

Passing the streetcar! I'll bet it's chilly onboard!

The lovely park.

Trees in the park.

Have a great day!!


Mari said...

I hope you can hear my delighted giggles. Snow in New Orleans?! Crazy! Your photos are gorgeous!!! I especially like the last one! :) Lll

Mari said...

The flakes look HUGE!

KipKGolfmeister said...

What great fun to have snow in NOLA!!
Is it just me or do we have this thing about being in places where the national news finds a story (painting the rock, various hurricanes of recent vintage, etc)?
In another time, (mid last century) when I was a young boy, it snowed heavily in San Antonio, Texas one morning, highly unusual (never happened before actually). To our amazement and utter disappointment, school was NOT cancelled. We all dutifully went to school, and, after six fitful classroom hours came back home to see that all the snow was gone (melted). Despite this early trial, harsh as it was, I overcame and became (and remain) the positive, engaging and optimistic person I am today.