Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time flies...

I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed these days. Underwater. Swamped. In the pressure cooker. Don't worry, it's all self-inflicted and it will come to an end (eventually) but in the meantime, yowza.

Today, I had a firm schedule mapped out for my lunch hour. A to-do list longer than my Christmas list. And you know what? After having a mini sobbing meltdown behind the loading dock at my office, I decided I needed an hour off. I got real food for lunch (no scant cup of chili for me today!), a very contraband Diet Coke, wrote my Christmas cards, and socialized with real live human beings. We even sat outside in the 70 degree sunshine.

I feel a bit restored. Wish me luck and please, please, someone figure out how to make the days longer....

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KipKGolfmeister said...

To paraphrase a famous comic strip character (from Dilbert)
"unhappiness is just another word for not enough Diet Coke".
What a great invention (that and nutrasweet), the inspiration of which must have come from a person who frequently did long, late hours (and early mornings) and didn't like the taste of coffee or the calories of soda.