Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy February! Let's fall in love - head over heels please

Wearing my heart on my sleeve this month.  More accurately, I'm wearing a red sequin heart brooch on my coat & it's quite dashing, if I do say so myself.

This week has been full of cheap thrills, like a new red lipstick, new lavender nail polish for DIY manicures, & planning outings for my trip to Texas.

This week, between Egypt, WikiLeaks & the Nobel Prize nom, & the apocolypse of snow - it sort of feels like the world is a topsy turvy place. 


Stay warm & safe, my darlings.  Big hugs!! xo

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Lindsey said...

Emily!!! I'm sorry I missed you! I would have loved to have recommended some places for you. I haven't really been monitoring the blog much. I hope you had a fantastic time. I'm going to do a blog post on my favorite places in Dallas in your honor, that way you'll have the scoop next time!