Friday, December 4, 2009

The ribbons, the ribbons!

Friend B ran errands with me Wednesday night - never have I ever had a straight boy offer to go to Michael's with me and then cheerfully debate the merits of Christmas ribbons - red vs. green, satin vs. grosgrain.

The verdict? Red, grosgrain. Fabulous, obviously.

And then we had omelettes and milkshakes for dinner. It was very fun.


Pompeii Purple said...

Obviously fabulous...what can compete with a nice grosgrain? Trick question--NOTHING can compete with a great grosgrain!

Steve said...

Any guy who can shop for ribbons wins big points in my book (as long as I don't have to go shopping for the ribbons). Kudos to your friend. And, kudos to you for finding what you wanted.

Mari said...

Love "the ribbons, the ribbons!"
...and milkshakes :)