Friday, December 4, 2009

Going native

I'm a real (well, almost real, faux real, as real as you can be without having gone to high school here) Southerner.

I wear boat shoes.


Mrs. McElwain said...

Welcome. I'm glad you're official.

Steve said...

I have several old pair of boat shoes. I think I shall wear them around the house in your honor as an honorary southerner (I might even wear them in a puddle and demonstrate the non-slippage factor of said boat shoes).

Kathryn said...

I grew up in the northwest & my dad wore them all the time. I have no idea why. It's not a northwest thing. ?! That being said - I love them. Good for you. I want a photo. :) Sperry's?

Emily said...

Mrs. - me too!

Daddio - I know! I remember all your old ones, with the white squiggly soles. Please dig them out and then you, Jess and I can be a little boat shoe crew.

Kathryn - they're not a Southern thing?! :) Down here, they are de rigueur...they're even part of the school uniforms! Yes, Sperry's, and I adore them! I'll post a pic soon. Happy holidays!