Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There is a palm tree outside our front door and lizards in the park!

We arrived Sunday evening, driving headfirst into the lingering remnants of Fay.  Good girl that she was, she left as soon as we arrived.  Lucky us!

Monday morning, Miss J had an early meeting, so after waking and making her a wonderfully gourmet protein shake and getting her out the door, I enjoyed a shake as well and reviewed my maps.  Then I pulled on my running clothes and eased myself out the door.  (I ran a 5K on Saturday and then spent two straight days in the car driving.  Poor Jessica had run a half-marathon and then driven for two straight days!!  Needless to say, we were achy-breaky.)  The weather was decent, not too hot, and fairly overcast.  I set off in what I thought was the correct direction only to four blocks later decide that I was absolutely going the WRONG way.  Hrm.  I return to the apartment, realign myself, and start off again.  Except this time, four blocks into the journey that direction I find myself at the corner of a CEMETARY that I am 100% totally positive I never saw on either of my maps!!  I return to the apartment for the second time with the express intent to have a little discussion with the map.  We needed to be much better friends.  I finally determined where I  had gone wrong and headed out once again.  And it was amazing how quick and easy the trip was once I got it right!  :)  I made it to the park, the destination of choice, ran for a while, and then headed home, still running.  I was so juiced up that I ran past our street!  I was feeling good.  The running was a bit dodgy, what with the sore and tired muscles that were NOT in the mood to be challenged.  But in the end it was great!

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Mari said...

I can only chuckle at the names of the cross roads you came to at the cemetery, but my lips are sealed. Too, too ironic!