Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm moving--and moving on!

It's official! I am moving next weekend. Strangely enough, I'm getting quite excited about this transitions--and for someone who abhors change and abhors moving above all else, I'm truly surprised at myself. But like all personal evolution, it snuck up on me and I can honestly say I am excited. Yesterday someone was being very sympathetic and offered up, "Maybe there is a blessing in disguise here" to which I replied, "It's not even disguised--it is very clear to me the positive results that are coming out of this move"--a response that surprised both her and me. The results of this move are:

1. I am sorting through closets, desks, drawers, bookcases, under beds--any place that harbors junk and either giving it away or throwing it away. Cleaning out 8 years worth of stuff is quite an undertaking but getting rid of it feels so good.
2. Broken furniture is finally making its way to the furniture graveyard! I've had a broken dresser for 3 YEARS that is finally being put to rest.
3. I was never going to be happy to leave this apartment. 2007 was truly a magical year for me and many happy memories happened within the walls of 75 West. Moving now instead of later provides me with the perfect buffer to transition into what will hopefully be happening this summer.

Moving up and moving on--it's a fact of life. The choice is ours to make the best of it and embrace the goodness that comes with evolution.

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