Friday, January 4, 2013

Life Lately is Wonderful

Things have been busy & wonderful!  Here are some pictures to catch up on the last little while!

Tulip dressed up in her festive Christmas bandana.

Wishing we could get a tree this tall!

Dressing Tulip up in bedazzled antlers AND the bandana!  I love this.  She does not :)

The first decorations we put out are our Swedish Tom-tar dolls.  They are the sweetest!  
(The Swede-est...haha!)

A friend took me to see Yo-Yo Ma & we snuck backstage & I got to meet him!  He kissed me on both cheeks.  I felt so sophisticated!

I've started drinking green smoothies for breakfast.  They are wonderful!

It was my birthday!  I love birthdays.  

Jessica passed the Louisiana Bar Exam & I made her this celebratory pumpkin!

Our lovely Christmas tree!

The tree, view deux.  So pretty!


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