Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials by emilylarene

 I have great appreciation for ladies & gentlemen who travel in high style.  I prefer to opt for comfort but still like to rely on classic pieces to keep it presentable.  Flying home last night, I wore my favorite new yoga pants, a borrowed pink button up, a new straw hat, & super comfy boat shoes.  As always, I had my monogrammed LL Bean tote bag, filled with snacks packed by my mama & a great new book.  I may be the last person ever to read The Hunger Games, but whatever.  It was absolutely fantastic!  I read the entire book over my 2 flights back to New Orleans.

I flew SouthWest, & had a wonderful experience with them, yet again.  Their customer service is truly extraordinary, polite, kind, & welcoming staff.  And BONUS - I had extremely empty flights both ways & was fortunate enough to have an entire row all to myself each flight. 

Anyone else have travel tips & essentials to share?

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