Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring according to Tulip

{I love planting!!  I love all the soil & water in my bathtub!!}

{I'm so happy!!!  I love gardening!}

{Wait, you want to put WHAT in here?!?!  Oh...well can I stay in the tub anyways?}

Good morning! My fervent desire for Spring has me stepping out in dresses & sandals, short sleeves & skirts…and so far I am met with brisk breezy mornings that leave me yearning for tights & a jacket. Usually by the afternoon the sun has appeared, but these mornings are still oh so chilly.

Over the weekend I ordered our tomato bushes & flowers for the bathtub garden. Our backyard is graced by the presence of an antique {i.e. really old & fairly rusty} clawfoot bathtub. After a year of watching it collect rainwater & mosquitos, Jessica decided to turn it into a garden. Tulip thought the planting process was so delightful! Sadly, except for a bumper crop of basil, last year’s vegetable garden didn’t produce much except some non-magic mushrooms. This year, we are trying flowers, primarily roses. I have it on good authority that the roses ordered thrive on direct sunshine & heat, just perfect for our long New Orleans summer. Here’s to a house full of pretty posies!

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